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Europe approves world's first artificial intelligence law

On Tuesday, EU ministers approved a ground-breaking law that regulates the use of artificial intelligence in sensitive sectors such as law enforcement.

21.05.2024 20:00 2 min reading

Brazil plans to regulate the crypto sector by the end of 2024

Brazil's central bank announced on Monday that it will introduce phased regulation of cryptoassets and virtual asset service providers, with regulatory proposals expected by the end of this year.

21.05.2024 12:00 2 min reading

The critical moment for Bitcoin and the crypto industry is approaching

As Bitcoin's value continues to rise and Wall Street watches closely, the US crypto industry is on edge as a key vote looms this week in Washington.

20.05.2024 8:00 2 min reading

The US will vote on two crypto bills as early as next week

Next week, the US House of Representatives will vote on two important bills, HR 5403 and HR 4451, that could change the regulation of digital currencies and securities.

19.05.2024 11:00 1 min reading

Venezuela suspends all crypto mining operations

Venezuela's Ministry of Electricity has decided to cut off all cryptocurrency mining operations from the national electricity grid (SEN) in order to manage energy consumption and ensure a stable power supply for citizens, according to a May 18 report by AlbertoNews.

19.05.2024 7:30 1 min reading

Turkey proposes new cryptocurrency bill

Turkey has introduced a new legislative proposal to regulate crypto-asset service providers and their operations.

18.05.2024 12:30 2 min reading

India's securities regulator poised to oversee crypto markets

India's securities regulator has proposed that various watchdogs oversee cryptocurrency trading, signaling a potential shift toward allowing private virtual assets in the country.

17.05.2024 23:00 2 min reading