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The Government of Georgia has partnered with Ripple to digitize the economy

Georgia has made significant strides in modernizing its financial sector through an innovative partnership with Ripple.

10.06.2024 22:00 1 min reading

Telegram launches its own payment system

Telegram has introduced a new feature called Telegram Stars to improve payment methods, especially for app developers on the platform.

07.06.2024 15:30 1 min reading

Coinbase wallet adds 'alarm' feature

Users of Coinbase's mobile crypto wallet can now receive automatic alerts for blockchain activities through the Notifi messaging service.

07.06.2024 13:00 1 min reading

Ripple has announced a new partnership for improved international payments

Ripple, a leading crypto and blockchain solutions company, has announced a strategic partnership with Clear Junction, a global provider of cross-border payment solutions for regulated institutions.

06.06.2024 8:30 2 min reading

Coinbase debuts smart wallet service

America's largest crypto exchange Coinbase has launched its highly anticipated Smart Wallet designed to make it easier for new users to get involved in the DeFi space.

05.06.2024 18:35 2 min reading

An English football club is offering its fans a 10% stake in the club through digital shares

English football club Watford FC is offering investors and fans the opportunity to acquire a 10% stake in the team through Seedrs, the European branch of investment platform Republic.

04.06.2024 23:30 1 min reading

Qatar has officially launched its CBDC project

The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) has successfully completed the infrastructure for its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project, marking a key milestone in the development of the country's digital economy.

03.06.2024 14:31 2 min reading