Europe approves world's first artificial intelligence law

21.05.2024 20:00 2 min reading
Europe approves world's first artificial intelligence law

On Tuesday, EU ministers approved a ground-breaking law that regulates the use of artificial intelligence in sensitive sectors such as law enforcement.

Това legislation requires AI systems in some fields to meet strict standards for transparency, accuracy and cybersecurity, along with ensuring the quality of their training data.

The law, which received the support of the European Parliament two months ago, marks a departure from voluntary AI guidelines adopted by the US and aims to establish a global standard.

Key aspects of the law include requiring AI systems in high-risk applications to obtain certification before being used in the EU. High-risk scenarios cover areas where AI could affect public health, safety, fundamental rights and democratic processes. The law bans systems such as the Chinese Social Credit Score and biometric categorization based on personal attributes such as religion or sexual orientation.

Although real-time facial recognition through video surveillance is generally prohibited, exceptions are allowed for specific law enforcement purposes.

AI applications with lower risks will face minimal transparency requirements, such as disclosing AI-generated content to ensure users can assess its trustworthiness. The European Commission will create an "Artificial Intelligence Office" to oversee the implementation of the law.

The law will be officially signed and published, taking effect 20 days later, with most provisions taking effect two years after that.


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