BRICS: Another country has officially applied to join

One of the main priorities of the BRICS alliance is to expand the number of its member states, and now another country is about to join.

14.06.2024 9:00 2 min reading

BRICS boosts trade with Europe – what does this mean for the dollar?

The BRICS economic union appears to be looking to increase trade with Europe, which could affect the US dollar's dominance.

26.05.2024 11:30 2 min reading

BRICS: African countries have little choice but to join the union

During the 15th BRICS summit in South Africa last August, Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera expressed the country's commitment to cooperate with the bloc to overcome historical barriers that marginalize Africa from global prosperity.

25.05.2024 11:30 3 min reading

BRICS: China's yuan is slowly displacing the dollar in global trade

China is actively advancing its de-dollarization efforts, promoting the renminbi (RMB), or Chinese yuan, as the dominant currency in global trade, directly challenging the long-standing dominance of the US dollar.

24.05.2024 8:10 2 min reading

BRICS: This is the currency in which 90% of the union's transactions are executed

Russia and China have decided to increasingly use their own national payment systems for bilateral trade, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after talks with China.

19.05.2024 7:00 1 min reading

BRICS: Will North Korea help the union in the fight against the dollar?

As the BRICS alliance is poised to bolster its ranks in 2024, North Korea has emerged as a potential candidate to join the bloc's efforts to reduce its reliance on the US dollar.

15.05.2024 17:00 2 min reading

BRICS: Another country has agreed to ditch the dollar in international trade

BRICS continues to lead the movement among developing nations to move away from the US dollar and conduct global trade in local currencies.

13.05.2024 7:00 2 min reading

BRICS: China's economy continues to grow

In recent years, the geopolitical landscape has undergone significant changes, largely influenced by the growing importance of the BRICS economic union.

12.05.2024 18:30 2 min reading

BRICS: North Korea may join the alliance

North Korea's recent interest in joining the BRICS bloc has generated mixed feelings, sparking discussions about its potential impact on global geopolitics.

11.05.2024 8:00 2 min reading

BRICS: Will the union announce its new currency during its next meeting?

The BRICS bloc is preparing for its annual summit scheduled for October in Russia, where the possibility of introducing a new currency for the alliance will be discussed.

10.05.2024 17:30 2 min reading