Bitcoin halving

Will Bitcoin Miners Survive After the Halving?

The Bitcoin network recently went through its fourth halving, a significant event that halved the rewards provided to miners.

22.04.2024 15:00 1 min reading

Bitcoin price warning from a top crypto analyst

Amid the turbulent market, a cryptocurrency expert and trader known as Rekt Capital has sounded the alarm on Bitcoin (BTC), warning investors of an ongoing correction.

20.04.2024 7:00 1 min reading

Historic moment: Bitcoin has successfully completed its fourth halving

Bitcoin's halving—an event that occurs every 210,000 blocks, or roughly every four years—causes miners' mining rewards to be cut in half.

20.04.2024 3:16 1 min reading

Will Bitcoin Halving Affect Gold?

During the year, investors increasingly turned to gold and Bitcoin as their primary investment options, seeking refuge in uncertain economic conditions.

11.04.2024 8:00 2 min reading

Problems for Bitcoin miners before the halving

In about 10 days, the Bitcoin community is gearing up for the long-awaited halving event, a process that will reduce the mining reward per block from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC.

09.04.2024 8:00 2 min reading

Is it a good idea to buy Bitcoin before the halving?

One of the most anticipated events of the year – the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving event – ​​is now just days away, causing excitement in the cryptocurrency world.

08.04.2024 21:00 3 min reading

Bitcoin halving is approaching - less than 2 weeks away

With Bitcoin's halving looming in just 11 days, speculation is growing about its potential impact on Bitcoin's price.

08.04.2024 16:10 2 min reading

Bitcoin: Could a correction below $60,000 before the halving be possible?

After the recent dip to $65,500 earlier this week, Bitcoin (BTC) has shown resilience and has once again approached the $67,000 mark.

05.04.2024 15:00 2 min reading

Bitcoin is on the verge of its most important halving in history

Anticipation is building for what could turn out to be a hugely significant Bitcoin halving event, as indicated in a recent statement by Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley.

30.03.2024 16:35 1 min reading

3 cryptocurrencies that could hit new highs after the Bitcoin halving

As Bitcoin's much-anticipated halving event approaches, the cryptocurrency market is abuzz with speculation about which coins could rise to new all-time highs (ATHs) after this milestone.

29.03.2024 14:23 2 min reading